Sunday, April 15, 2007

Long Self-Test For Irlen Syndrome

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Please fill out this form. Parents, complete the form in cooperation with your child.

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Are you light sensitive?

Yes No
Bothered by sunlight
Bothered by glare
Bothered by bright or fluorescent lights
Tired or drowsy under bright or fluorescent lights
Become anxious under bright or fluorescent lights
Get a headache from bright or fluorescent lights
Feel antsy or fidgety under bright or fluorescent lights
Harder to listen under bright or fluorescent lights
Performance deteriorates under bright or fluorescent lights
Feel like there is not enough light when reading
Feel like there is too much light when reading
Read in dim light
Use fingers or other marker to block out part of the page
Shade the page with your hand or body

Types of reading difficulties:

Yes No
Skip words or lines
Repeat or reread lines
Read for less than one hour
Lose place
Read in a “stop and go” rhythm
Omit small words
Poor reading comprehension
Reading becomes harder as you continue
Avoid reading
Avoid reading for pleasure
Rereads for comprehension
Reversals of letters and/or numbers

While reading or using a computer, do you:

Yes No
Rub eyes
Move closer to or further away
Open eyes wide
Incorporate breaks
Change position to reduce glare
Close or cover one eye
Move head
Read word by word
Unable to speed read

Do you feel strain, fatigue, tired, or have headaches when:

Yes No
Doing paper and pencil tasks
Working on the computer
Watching TV, movies, or live stage productions
Copying material
Doing math assignments
Playing video games
Writing long assignments
Doing visually-intensive activities like needlepoint, sewing, cross stitching, crossword puzzles, woodworking, soldering, etc.
Working under bright or fluorescent lights
Looking at stripes, patterns, bright colors, and high contrast


Yes No
Write up or down hill
Unequal or no spacing between letters or words
Unequal letter size
Unable to write on the line
Leave out words, letters, or punctuation marks


Yes No
Problems concentrating with reading or writing
Easily distracted when reading or writing
Easily distracted when listening
Easily distracted when taking tests
Daydreams in class or at lectures
Problems staying on task
Problems starting tasks
Difficulty with scantron answer sheets


Yes No
Lose place (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Leave out words (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Slow (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Incomplete (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Careless errors (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead)
Blink or squint (book, chalkboard, whiteboard, overhead?
Difficulty refocusing
Difficulty copying things onto or off computer or typewriter

Composition/Essay Writing:

Yes No
Problems with punctuation
Problems proofreading
Leave out letters or words
Write without rereading


Yes No
Misalign digits in number columns
Difficulty seeing numbers in the correct column
Sloppy or careless errors
Use finger, graph paper, or other marker when working with columns of numbers
Difficulty seeing signs, symbols, numbers, decimal points
Reversals of numbers


Yes No
Problems sight reading the notes
Prefer to memorize rather than read music
Prefer to play by ear
Use finger to track notes
Lose your place
Trouble reading the notes or notes and words together
Difficulty interpreting the music notations
Little progress in spite of regular practice

Depth Perception:

Yes No
Difficulty getting on and off escalators
Bump into table edges or door jams
Difficulty walking up and/or down stairs
Difficulty judging distances
Drop or knock things over
As a child, accident prone or have bruises on your shins
When walking next to someone, do you drift into the person
When walking, do you feel dizzy or light headed
Difficulty getting on or off moving objects


Yes No
Difficulty parallel parking
Do you feel like you will hit the car in front when parking
When parking, do you hit the curb or leave too much space
Difficulty judging when to turn in front of oncoming traffic
Uncertain about making lane changes
Extra cautious when making lane changes
Are the passengers tense when you make lane changes
Do passengers tell you that you tailgate
Are you overly cautious, leaving extra room between you and the car ahead

Sports Performance:

Yes No
Problems tracking a flying ball like golf, baseball, or tennis
Trouble following the ball when watching sports on TV such as tennis, football or basketball
When watching sports on TV, can you follow the ball but not see anything else
Trouble catching or hitting a ball
Difficulty playing pool
Difficulty hitting the ball when playing baseball or tennis
Trouble learning how to ride a bike
Trouble jumping rope? Jump in at the wrong time or jump into the rope
Trouble playing games such as volley ball or four square
On playground equipment such as rings or bars, was it hard to go from one to the other

Fatigue While In A Car:

Yes No
As a passenger, do you become drowsy
When driving, do you become drowsy
Bothered by glare on the chrome on cars
Bothered by glare off the rear window of the car in front of you
Bothered by headlights and street lights at night
Avoid driving at night
Have night blindness
Bothered by red tail lights on cars
Bothered by red stop lights
Stressful to drive in the rain (glare)

Scoring: If you answered yes to three or more of the questions in any one of the above sections, then problems in these areas may be helped with Irlen Colored Filters. The higher your score in a section, the more this area is a problem. Click on "Find an Irlen Testing Center" for a certified Irlen practitioner near you.

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Manila Mom said...

This is very interesting. I have always had chronic headaches and have answered yes to many of the questions. Would you know where there is a testing center in MetroManila? Isn't this expensive?